Сергей Сергеевич Петрущенко (separator829) wrote,
Сергей Сергеевич Петрущенко

Nanowar - Emerald Fork

I hate the big mac which tastes like rat
the double cheese burger which made me much fat
now I'm in the cesso to expell all this shit
la cacarell m'ha fritt le budell
che cazzo me so magnato?

In the toasts of macdonald the meat was pure shit
no more meat of shit
and beaf steaks for all!

I've made a green shit, my poor lonely ass
now looks like bin laden and smells like his cat
now inside the cesso I vomit myself
fuck you big mac, fuck you bin laden, I scorregg on you!!

For the food, for the cook , for the kitchen, for the apples with the worm inside
for the hunger the thirst, to eat the black pork
I will search for the emerald fork!

Only a black pork with ketchup inside
I don't want a pink pork with hairs on his ass
Yes, I am a racist with porks and big mac
I eat the pork, bin laden can't because he's a Muslim
Tags: концепт, юмор

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